Automated control system (in abbreviated form ACS) is the complex of apparatus and software, intended for control both within the framework of technological process and within the limits of production or enterprise in whole. ACS are applied in different fields of industry, power engineering, oil and gas production, gas transmission etc.

      The tasks of increasing production efficiency and output quality, and also guarantee of new quality of controllability are vital for any enterprise, especially, if technological processes are complex and the least failure can lead to the essential economic losses or create dangerous situation.

      Practicable tool for the solution of these problems is automated control system of technological processes – ACS TP.

Designation of ACS TP : 1. Automatic control of the technological process parameters.
2. Continuous measurement of process values and their presentation to the operator's workstation.
3. Deviation alarm of process values over the settings of limiting values and the immediate displaying of deviation alarm on the operator's workstation.
4. Notification of tripping events on the operator's workstation.
5. The automatic check of communication links of sensors with presentation of information about malfunction to operator.
6. Remote control of technological equipment from the automated operator's workstation.
7. Registration of the controlled parameters, events, actions of operator and their automatic archiving in the data base.
8. Supplying information from the data base in the form of trends, tables, diagrams.
Composition of ACS TP : 1. Hardware:
     - controllers;
     - devices for conjugacy between controllers, sensors and actuating mechanisms;
     - digital interface modules;
     - operator stations and system servers;
     - the automated dispatch control system for the transfer of technological parameters to the dispatch room.
2. Software:
     - real time operating systems;
     - development and execution tools of throwaway codes;
     - data collection systems and operational dispatch control systems.

      The summary goal of control automation is an increase of effectiveness in the use of performance potential of the controlled object.