We propose the entire complex of services on the automation of the technological processes both of newly built and reconstructed objects, and also software and hardware for embedded systems.

      In addition to this, it is possible to carry out the technical expertise of the objects of oil and gas complex, in order to determine necessity and scope of performance of reconstruction, modernization of ACS and technological equipment, of increasing the effectiveness of conducting technological processes, of replacing the actuating mechanisms (valves, pumping equipment, etc) with further realization of shaped plans of reconstruction.

      The main direction of compressor stations reconstruction is the implementation of advanced technological solutions in the existing technological equipment and its supplying with contemporary automated control system (ACS). Key components of this approach to the reconstruction are:

1 Replacement of worn-out and obsolete control systems of Gas Compressor Units (GCU) and Compressor stations (CS) on contemporary highly effective ACS, which are created on the base of the programmable logical controllers of leading global producers (GE Fanuc, Siemens, TRICONEX, Rockwell Automation and other).
2 Replacement of hydraulic regulation systems of gas turbine engines on the electronic ones with the replacement of fuel control units, GCU configuration with sensors, regulating “blow-off” valves and other shut-off and control valves.
3 Introduction of lubrication free centrifugal blowers, by means of installation of the system of rotor magnetic levitation of supercharger, “dry” gas seals and “dry” lubrication free clutches.
4 Analysis of operation modes of GCU and CS, calculation and the development of technical documentation for modernization of flow channels (FC) of superchargers.

      Annual economic effect from the introduction of “dry” gas seals and magnetic bearing systems according to the data of company “Nova- Corp.” (Canada) is 197 thousand Canadian dollars.

      Economic effect from the introduction of the contemporary microprocessor control and regulation systems for CS with six compressor units of type GPA-C-6,3 can amount more than 250 thousand US dollars per year and it is ensured by:

- service line extension of technological equipment.
- decrease of number of emergency shut-downs.
- reducing of equipment downtime.
- optimization of the operation modes of GCU and CS.

      The whole scope of works, mentioned above, can be executed under the guidance of one firm – general contractor with the involvement of other subcontractors.

      With the involvement of other subcontractors, we are ready to carry out the entire complex of works, from the requirements baseline to the operational documentation, productions, startup and commissioning of the following technological objects and separate equipment:

PROCESSING INSTALLATIONS AND COMPLEXES 1. Installations of preliminary distillation of oil and gas condensate with obtaining of commercial gasoline, diesel fuel (summer, winter) and petroleum residue of different sorts.
2. Installations of the rerun distillation of distillates for the purpose of obtaining kerosene and solvents of different sorts.
3. Installations, compressor stations and technological complexes for the cleaning, dehydration and compression of hydrocarbon gases for the purpose of gas transmission into the main gas pipelines.
4. Processing plants of hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon-containing gases on the base of turbo-expander, refrigerating and compressor equipment with obtaining of propane-butane mix and stable gasoline.
SEPARATE EQUIPMENT 1. Piston and centrifugal compressors and compressor plants for different branches of industry.
2. Heat exchange equipment:
      - shell-and-tube heat exchangers of general and special designation (heat exchangers, refrigerators, condensers, vaporizers);
      - air cooling units for cooling and condensation of different media.
3. Mass-exchange (column) equipment for the processes of rectification and dehydration of different substances.
4. Pumps and pumping units for different branches of industry.
5. Shutoff and control valves.